Sales Tracking App

Burberry is a London-based luxury retail brand. Management of their Manhattan flagship location asked me to produce a simple sales and appointment-tracking web app. I designed, developed, and deployed an app that streamlined and increased the accuracy of their performance-based reports to executive management.

Enterprise retail organizations generally have development teams to create web-based applications, such as internal sales-tracking tools and customer-facing mobile apps. However, the needs of store management are not always met by tools made for corporate stakeholders. At Burberry's flagship retail location in NYC, management had be using tools, such as spreadsheet and calendar apps, that did not fully meet their needs for appointment and sales tracking. I was asked to develop a simple, user friendly web app that could be used by sales associates to log appointment and sales information and by management to view, filter, search, and download the resulting reports. They showed me their existing workflow and I worked with them to come up with a plan for the design and functionality of their app.

This project gave me the opportunity to test my growing full-stack web development skill. I first used Rshiny to code the backend (in R) and to set up the framework for what would become the app's user interface (UI). I then developed custom CSS, HTML, and Javascript components to further refine the look, feel, and functionality of the app.

The most important requirement was that the I present a simple, user-friendly interface for collecting sales data, a database system to store the data, and various methods of accessing the data later on. Using dyanmic data processing, table building, and plotting functions, I created robust analytics platrform where management could view, in raw or aggregate form, the metrics they rely upon to measure sales performance.

This post is a work in progress!


Written on August 24, 2023